Cavalleria Lighthouse

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Cavalleria Lighthouse - Spain
Cavalleria Lighthouse - Spain
@dferrandizmont - Unsplash
Cavalleria Lighthouse
📍 Spain
The Cavalleria Lighthouse, in Es Mercadal, Spain is an imposing structure perched on the shore of Mallorca, at the northern tip of the island. Visible from several hundred miles away, the lighthouse stands tall at 61 meters, and the path up to it reveals stunning views of the surrounding landscape and sea. A true architectural gem, the Cavalleria Lighthouse is a popular spot for tourists and photographers alike. Within a few hundred meters of the lighthouse are several hiking trails, offering visitors a great chance to explore the Natural Park of Ses Salines. When visiting the lighthouse, don't forget to also explore the fishing village of Es Mercadal and the 19th-century salt fields nearby. Enjoy the fresh Mediterranean breeze, beautiful seascapes and witness the powerful surge of the waves. Whether you visit during the day or night, Cavalleria Lighthouse will captivate you.

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