Cathedrale Imsfrane

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Cathedrale Imsfrane - Morocco
Cathedrale Imsfrane - Morocco
Cathedrale Imsfrane
📍 Morocco
The Cathedrale Imsfrane, located in Temga, Morocco, is an ancient church built in the 10th century in a style which mixes both Romanesque and Gothic architecture. In the north-west corner of the cathedral you'll find a unique Byzantine-style dome crowned with a sculpture of Christ. The facade of the building is decorated with small colonnades and a pattern of masonry which makes the building incredibly photogenic. Inside, there is a shrine dedicated to the Virgin Mary and an altar-like structure with decorated arches. The lighting of this place is really special and gives the cathedral an ambience hard to find in any other religious building, making it ideal to really capture the atmosphere of the place. A visit to Cathedrale Imsfrane is a must for anyone who wants to travel to Morocco and experience its unique architecture for themselves.

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