Castro de Baroña

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Castro de Baroña - Spain
Castro de Baroña - Spain
@landedition - Unsplash
Castro de Baroña
📍 Spain
Castro de Baroña is an ancient settlement located on a hill overlooking the beautiful northern coast of O Campanario in Spain. It was used by the Celts describing a unique Iron Age settlement formed on an acropolis in the second century BC. Most of the remains of the settlement are still visible today, although some recent excavations have uncovered a previously unknown part of the citadel. Visitors can explore the ancient layout, including the stone walls and lookouts, as well as take in breathtaking views of the surrounding countryside. The area also contains a large number of dolmens (a type of megalithic burial chamber) and other interesting archaeological features, including a menhir and a petroglyph. There is also a visitor centre which provides information about the history of the fortification and its importance in the ancient history of the region.

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