Castle of Biar

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Castle of Biar - Spain
Castle of Biar - Spain
Castle of Biar
📍 Spain
The Castle of Biar, perched atop a hillock in Alicante province, Spain, is a beacon for photo-travelers with its commanding views and rich history. Dating back to the 12th century, it was a frontier fortress between Christian and Muslim territories, evident in its unique architectural blend. The key highlights include the well-preserved Keep (Torre del Homenaje), offering panoramic views of the Biar town and surrounding Sierra de Mariola. The castle's robust, yet elegant, walls produce stunning silhouettes against the setting sun, a must-capture for photographers. Walking along its battlements at golden hour provides not only spectacular views but also a serene, almost ethereal, photo opportunity of the landscape below, draped in the golden hues of sunset. Early mornings are equally magical, with mists often shrouding the castle, creating a mystical ambiance. Lastly, the approach to the castle offers picturesque alleyways and traditional Spanish homes, perfect for adding cultural depth to your photographic journey.

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