Capela de Rossão

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Capela de Rossão - Portugal
Capela de Rossão - Portugal
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Capela de Rossão
📍 Portugal
The Capela de Rossão is a small chapel located in the parish of Carapeços, in the municipality of Viseu, in Portugal. Dating from the 18th century, the chapel is dedicated to Nossa Senhora da Mercê. It was built in honor of the local miners who died in the mines of the region.

This chapel has a distinctive rustic look. The walls are made of simple granite stones that contrast with the bright white-painted wood of the doors and windows. The roof is covered with terracotta tiles. In front of the chapel there is a small park with lawn and a fountain. Nearby is a small grotto with a statue of Our Lady of Mercy, to which the chapel is dedicated. Visitors of the chapel can take advantage of its peaceful atmosphere to rest and reflect. The area around the chapel is ideal for those who enjoy nature, with its lush greenery and peaceful environment. The area is also ideal for photography, as there are several interesting angles from which to take photographs.

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