Calgary Tower

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Calgary Tower - From Inside, Canada
Calgary Tower - From Inside, Canada
@dxvidcolonna - Unsplash
Calgary Tower
๐Ÿ“ From Inside, Canada
The iconic Calgary Tower is a 190m (619ft) tall freestanding observation tower that sits atop the downtown core of Calgary, Canada. Constructed in 1968, the Tower is the most recognizable and visited structure in Calgary. At the Calgary Tower's observation deck, visitors can get a stunning panorama of the downtown, surrounding mountains, and the expansive prairie. The observation deck has also been equipped with interactive displays that tell the story of the cityโ€™s fascination with geology, architecture and its heritage. Its restaurant, revolving Sky 360 which provides a gourmet menu and city views, is a must-visit for tourists and locals alike. The Calgary Tower also organizes special events and tours throughout the year.

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