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Bundeshaus - From Bundesplatz, Switzerland
Bundeshaus - From Bundesplatz, Switzerland
@purzlbaum - Unsplash
­čôŹ From Bundesplatz, Switzerland
The Bundeshaus in Bern, Switzerland is the country's Federal Palace and is home to the Swiss Parliament. Built in the 19th century in a Swiss version of the Italian Renaissance style, it is a magnificent building and very popular with travelers and photographers alike. Inside, the landmark is adorned in marble and stained glass, with steps leading up to the central Bridge Tower, the tallest and most iconic feature of Bundeshaus. From the tower, you can enjoy panoramic views of the city's impressive architecture. Additionally, the building is flanked by two parks, the Old and New Arboretums, both filled with beautiful plants and trees. The gardens are also a great source of inspiration for photographers. A great way to learn more about the building is to join the daily guided tours offered by the Bundeshaus administration. They will provide you with background information about the Federal Palace and its history.

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