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Blausee - Switzerland
Blausee - Switzerland
📍 Switzerland
Blausee, nestled in the Kandergrund region of Switzerland, is a pristine natural lake known for its striking, vivid blue color resulting from crystal-clear glacial waters. This picturesque site spans about 0.64 hectares, presenting a serene backdrop ideal for photographers aiming to capture the interplay between natural beauty and tranquility. With depths reaching 12 meters, the lake reveals an underwater world with submerged trees, creating a stunning visual contrast. The area surrounding Blausee is enveloped in a mystical forest, enhancing the magical feel of the location. While there, explore the small yet enchanting Blausee Nature Park; its walking trails offer varied perspectives and vistas of the lake and its surroundings. Note that Blausee is also a site of legend, adding a layer of intrigue to your photographs – the story of a heartbroken maiden said to give the lake its deep blue color. For an unmatched experience, consider a boat tour on the transparent, glass-bottom boats, providing unique angles for capturing the lake's underwater mysteries. Access to the park is ticketed, so plan accordingly to ensure entry.

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