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Beruschouburg - Belgium
Beruschouburg - Belgium
📍 Belgium
Beruschouburg is one of the most iconic parks in Bruxelles, Belgium. Located in the western part of the city, Beruschouburg can easily be reached by car or public transport. Its sprawling history and lush green spaces attract people to take a stroll in the park and admire its picturesque beauty. Visitors can explore a wide range of gardens, including the Chinese Garden and the Japanese Garden; two pond areas, the North Pond and the South Pond; and a number of gardens and terraces which offer spectacular vistas. The park also features a wide variety of trees, bushes and flowers. Additionally, there's an observatory near the center of the park, perfect for quiet contemplation and taking in the beautiful views. From the observatory you can see the Palace of Justice (juste au centre, north of Beruschouburg) as well as the Grand Place in the distance. Beruschouburg is open to the public all year round.

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