Benham Falls

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Benham Falls - United States
Benham Falls - United States
@hatham - Unsplash
Benham Falls
📍 United States
Benham Falls, located in the resort town of Sunriver, United States, is a wildly popular location for outdoor activities. The Benham Falls Trail is a scenic loop trail that passes three picturesque waterfalls in quick succession—Smiling Pool, lower Benham, and upper Benham Falls. The trailhead is located close to the Sunriver Lodge, which is full of friendly and knowledgeable locals who can help you out if needed.

The Benham Falls Trail is exactly one mile in length and is full of stunning views—from the waterfalls themselves to the lush green vegetation along the trail. There are also several bridges that offer a different perspective of the falls. Visitors can also spot various wildlife during the treks, including deer, bald eagles, and more. For visitors wanting a more relaxing outdoor experience, there are several benches located on the Benham Falls Trail. Enjoy a seat, take in the scenery, and take a moment to appreciate everything that nature has to offer.

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