Benevskaya Falls

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Benevskaya Falls - Russia
Benevskaya Falls - Russia
@tengyart - Unsplash
Benevskaya Falls
📍 Russia
Benevskaya Falls is a picturesque sight in the city of Benevskoe, Russia. The falls cascade down more than 70 feet and are surrounded by lush trees and lush meadows on either side, creating a beautiful and tranquil atmosphere. Great for both sightseeing and hiking, the falls offer a unique vantage point for enjoying the views of the surrounding city. The falls are accessible by car, up a winding road with some scenic viewpoints and picnic spots along the way. Bikes are a great way to explore the area and capture some amazing photos or just enjoy the views. Nearby is a small train station offering beautiful views. The area around the falls has a lot to offer - from a ski resort, to a beach, to some properties for sale. No matter the season, Benevskaya Falls offers plenty of photo opportunities.

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