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Beach - From Route 612, Iceland
Beach - From Route 612, Iceland
@ghostpresenter - Unsplash
📍 From Route 612, Iceland
Osaka is Japan's third-largest city and a major hub for commerce and tourism. Known as the 'nation’s kitchen', the city is an important center for the culinary arts and a popular destination for foodies. Home to the Osaka Castle and many other historical monuments, Osaka offers a variety of sightseeing options. During a visit, take time to stroll through Tennoji and Umeda, two of the largest shopping districts in the city. Explore the lively Dotonbori district, home to flashing neon signs, lively street performances, and popular snack bars. Spend an afternoon in Osaka's many lush green parks and traditional gardens; Hiroshima-kōen and Tenmangū Shrine are nice spots for relaxation. Don’t miss museums such as the Sumiyoshi-taisha shrine and Teneri-han archive, which highlights the city's rich history and culture.

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