BA64 Ship

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BA64 Ship - From Beach, Iceland
BA64 Ship - From Beach, Iceland
@withluke - Unsplash
BA64 Ship
📍 From Beach, Iceland
The BA64 Ship, located in the spectacular Sauðlauksdalur Valley in Iceland, is an iconic shipwreck from the turn of the 20th century that was left standing in the middle of this stunning natural landscape. The BA64 is a two-masted schooner that was built in Denmark in 1906 and used for cargo trading in and out of Iceland. In 1949, the captain of the ship, Stefan Halldorsson, ran into a heavy storm and had to beach his ship – stranding it in the Sauðlauksdalur Valley. The vessel never sailed again, and the wreck still stands in the valley today. Since then, this abandoned vessel has become a popular photography spot for visitors and adventurers who come to explore Iceland’s unique and stunning landscapes. Because the BA64 is so accessible, it makes a great stopover location on any photographic journey in Iceland.

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