Athena Temple

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Athena Temple - Greece
Athena Temple - Greece
Athena Temple
📍 Greece
The Athena Temple in Delphi, Greece is one of the most sacred temples in Greek history. Built in around 600 BC, the impressive temple was dedicated to the goddess Athena and her father Zeus. It was originally constructed as a place of worship and to commemorate a significant alliance between Athens and Sparta.

Since 478 BC the temple was home to the ancient Oracle, who was consulted on important strategic, political, and religious decisions. The temple remained an important source of prophecy and advice until it fell into decline during the Roman period, and eventually closed its doors in 390 AD. Today, visitors can tread the marble steps, explore the ruins of the temple, and marvel at the breathtaking views of the sanctuary and the site of the Temple of Apollo. It is an experience not to be missed, and makes for an unforgettable adventure into ancient Greek history.

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