Aomori Bridge

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Aomori Bridge - Japan
Aomori Bridge - Japan
@cbarbalis - Unsplash
Aomori Bridge
📍 Japan
Aomori Bridge, situated in Aomori City and connecting Aomori bay and Mutsu bay, is the longest suspension bridge in the Tohoku region ofJapan. It was completed in 1997, and is adorned with dazzling white and red lighting at night. With two 600 meter long towers, a total span of 1,740 meters, and a height of 122 meters above the sea, Aomori Bridge is a stunning piece of engineering and a popular tourist spot. Tourists can get a fantastic view of the entire cityscape of Aomori City and the Tsugaru Strait from the bridge. You can also get up close and personal with the bridge by taking a mini-cruise which starts from Mutsu Bay, travels down the Tsugaru Strait, and goes underneath the bridge. From the bridge, you can enjoy various stunning sceneries on both sides of the Tsugaru strait.

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