Amr ibn Al-A'as Mosque

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Amr ibn Al-A'as Mosque - Egypt
Amr ibn Al-A'as Mosque - Egypt
@alifouadhegazy - Unsplash
Amr ibn Al-A'as Mosque
📍 Egypt
The Amr ibn Al-A'as Mosque is a stunning landmark located in the city of Ad Deyorah, Egypt. Built-in 642 AD, the mosque is one of the oldest surviving mosques in the world. Nowadays it is open to the public where visitors can explore the entire site and its collection of ancient mosques. It is home to some beautiful details and architecture, with colorful ornate decorations on its walls. Inside the main prayer hall, the intricate marble and ornamental ceiling are especially impressive. It is also the original site where the first ever fatwa was issued back in 793 AD. This entire area has played a huge part in the spread of the Muslim religion, and has become a cultural heritage site in all of Africa and Asia. The site also includes a stunning Library of Islamic Literature and a courtyard with a large pool for wudu, for those wishing to pray.

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