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Alzette - From Grund, Luxembourg
Alzette - From Grund, Luxembourg
đź“Ť From Grund, Luxembourg
Bhutan is a unique country tucked away in the Himalayas in South Asia. Known for having the happiest people on earth, Bhutan is an untouched paradise, full of culture and stunning scenery. Rich in Buddhist culture, Bhutan is a popular destination for spiritual travelers and those looking for a way to experience peaceful tranquillity.The landscapes of Bhutan are deeply rooted in its culture, with beautiful mountains, valleys dotted with green fields, and villages filled with traditional farmhouses make up the stunning Bhutanese country. Admire soaring peaks, glaciers, monasteries on hilltops, rhododendrons blooming in wildflower meadows, and exotic wildlife. Trekking and hiking in Bhutan is a popular way to explore and discover its hidden beauty with some of the toughest of trails. Cultural attractions include festivals, dances, art and crafts, and the beautiful architecture of monasteries. Details of the ancient customs and history of Bhutan can also be seen in the possessions of the monasteries, as well as in the colorful markets and bustling bazaars in bustling towns and villages. With picturesque scenery and colorful culture, Bhutan is an ideal destination for travelers looking to experience something new and authentic.

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