Alfonso XII Monument

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Alfonso XII Monument - Spain
Alfonso XII Monument - Spain
@daijiumemoto - Unsplash
Alfonso XII Monument
📍 Spain
The Alfonso XII Monument is an imposing statue built in honour of King Alfonso XII of Spain in 1888, located in the Plaza de España in Madrid. The monument was designed by the architect José Grasés, who created the idea for the statue and was then responsible for sculpting the bronze figure of King Alfonso XII. The monument stands on a pedestal surrounded by a series of steps and a fountain. The statue is flanked by two female figures representing Victory and Peace, and two winged Victory figures adorn the upper terrace. Besides being a beloved figure of Madrid, the monument is notable for its artistic style, combining both Romanesque and Gothic elements. Visitors can admire the elegant details in the relief carvings and statues, as well as the ornate decoration of the pedestal that adds to the grandeur of the monument. It is a popular spot for tourists, who come to see the grandiosity of the monument and remember the importance of an oft-forgotten king.

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