Al-Azhar Mosque

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Al-Azhar Mosque - Egypt
Al-Azhar Mosque - Egypt
@nurdienaahda - Unsplash
Al-Azhar Mosque
📍 Egypt
The 12th century Al-Azhar Mosque, located in El-Darb El-Ahmar, Egypt, is a renowned house of worship and Islamic learning. A premier destination in Cairo, the Al-Azhar Mosque is surrounded by traditional markets and alleys filled with colourful shops selling perfumes, jewellery, and spices. As inside is a peaceful sanctuary, devotees can seek solace in the many religious lectures conducted there. The mosque is open to visitors who can explore its serene yet awe-inspiring architecture with its thousand-year-old walls, stunning collection of intricate Islamic art, and stunning ornamental ceiling. The expansive courtyard is surrounded by several other buildings and is a popular spot to admire the cultural beauty of Egypt.

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