Achmelvich Beach

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Achmelvich Beach - United Kingdom
Achmelvich Beach - United Kingdom
@sbittinger - Unsplash
Achmelvich Beach
ūüďć United Kingdom
Achmelvich Beach is a stunningly beautiful golden sand beach located in the stunning surrounds of the North West Highlands of Scotland. It is well worth a visit for beachgoers, photographers, and anyone looking for a peaceful break. The beach is accessible by a small road which winds through the hills leading to a large sandy beach, sheltered on either side by rocky cliffs. The 800 metre-long strand is popular with birdwatchers and sunbathers alike, with the possibility of spotting red deer in the nearby woodland. Achmelvich beach is also popular for surfing, sailing, and sea kayaking, as well as for long and leisurely strolls on the powdery sands. Dolphins, porpoises and seabirds can be seen in the summer, and stunning views of the stunning Carn Mor mountain can be enjoyed from the beach.

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