57. Alay Şehitliği

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57. Alay Şehitliği - Turkey
57. Alay Şehitliği - Turkey
@delikosesi - Unsplash
57. Alay Şehitliği
📍 Turkey
Alay Şehitliği also known as 57.Alay Şehitliği is a memorial located in the village of Kocadere, in south-central Turkey. The memorial is dedicated to the soldiers who died in the Battle of Kocadere, which took place between the Ottoman and Russian forces during the Russo-Turkish War in 1916. The memorial was built in 1966 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the battle. Visitors to the memorial can enjoy spectacular panoramic views of the village and surrounding landscapes. It is also a great place to visit for those who are interested in military history as the memorial welcomes visitors to come and explore its historical significance. There is a large stone sarcophagus, carved with the dates and names of the fallen soldiers and plaques inscribed with the names of the commanders. Additionally, visitors will find a mausoleum with a bronze bust of Kamuran Yalçın, the lead Ottoman commander in the battle who was decorated with the Medal of Gallantry.

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