Усадьба Шехтелей

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Усадьба Шехтелей - Russia
Усадьба Шехтелей - Russia
Усадьба Шехтелей
📍 Russia
The Shekhtel Estate in Moskva, Russia is an iconic place of historic importance. Built in the early 19th century, this home's architecture hearkens back to the Russian Classicism style of the time. The grandeur of the estate is captivating, with its massive white pillars, ornate carving on the doors and stone walls, low hanging balconies on the balconies, and its large park stretching to the grounds of the nearby private apartments. Inside, the estate features impressive rooms decorated with traditional Russian furniture and paintings. Highlights include the billiards room, the marble staircase, and the king's parlor. This is a great place to experience the magnificent atmosphere of days gone by and an excellent place to snap some amazing photos.

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