Дом Ханжонкова

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Дом Ханжонкова - Russia
Дом Ханжонкова - Russia
@npi - Unsplash
Дом Ханжонкова
📍 Russia
The House of Khanzhonkov is a beautiful example of a preserved 18th century merchant house located in Penza, Russia. The house was built in 1764 and is one of the oldest surviving buildings in the city, having been relatively untouched since the 19th century. The façade of the building features large windows with ornamental frames and a nice decorative frieze running along the top of the building. Inside, visitors can explore the hallways and wood-paneled walls while admiring the 18th-century furniture, artifacts, and paintings. The house also contains a small museum dedicated to the life and work of the Khanzhonkov family, who operated a chain of stores in the city in the 19th century. About once a month, the museum hosts guided tours which tell the story of the house and its inhabitants.

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