NoFilter just became Carbon Neutral, and moving to Carbon Free

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NoFilter just became Carbon Neutral, and moving to Carbon Free on 2030. Goals for 2023: Reach carbon neutrality generated by the use of the app on user devices
NoFilter, on March 30, 2022, completed the migration of its entire platform to Google Cloud, thereby becoming a "Carbon Neutral" company, and with plans to move to "Carbon Free" as specified by Google (https: //
The community of travelers and photographers is finally relying on technology to get the best out of them. NoFilter came to help them
- Broda Noel
New Sustainability Goals for 2023
To reach "Carbon Neutrality", in the Carbon generated by users when using the application on their own phones/devices, so that users can be sure that belonging to the NoFilter community does not imply any impact negative to the environment.
About NoFilter
NoFilter is a photo spot discovery app that help travelers and photographers to find the best photography places across the globe. By joining the NoFilter community, you get the right platform to get inspired following friends, other photographers & avid travelers by getting open access to go through photos taken in different parts of the world. NoFilter is available for free on iOS & Android in more than 15 different languages.
There is no relationship between NoFilter and Google, beyond the fact that NoFilter consumes the services and products of said company.
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