NoFilter and Hostelling International Join Forces to Enhance the Photo-Traveler Experience

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NoFilter, the leading app for travelers and photographers to discover the best photo spots around the world, is thrilled to announce its exciting new partnership with Hostelling International, the largest youth hostel network in the world. This collaboration aims to offer users an enhanced and immersive travel experience, combining the power of breathtaking photography with vibrant, youth-oriented accommodations.
As one of the most prominent photo-traveler communities, NoFilter understands the significance of finding hostels that exude a young and vibrant energy. With this partnership, NoFilter users can now conveniently explore and locate HI hostels on the NoFilter app's map and website. This integration ensures that users can effortlessly discover incredible photo spots and secure quality accommodations, all in one place.
Founded in 1932 by the Youth Hostel Associations of the time, Hostelling International has played a pivotal role in uniting hostels worldwide and cultivating the hostelling movement. Today, the HI network comprises 61 Member Associations operating over 3,000 hostels across hundreds of amazing destinations. These hostels have become vital pillars in promoting sustainable and inclusive tourism, providing affordable lodging options and fostering cultural exchanges among travelers.
Partnering with Hostelling International is an enormous achievement for NoFilter, and we are incredibly excited about the endless possibilities it brings for our users. We believe that discovering cities and their cultures is not just about finding the best photo spots but also about connecting with young and dynamic environments. Hostelling International perfectly aligns with this philosophy, and we are confident that our users will greatly benefit from this partnership.
- Broda Noel, NoFilter founder
The current integration showcases HI hostels on the map within the NoFilter app and website, enabling users to easily identify and access these vibrant accommodations. However, both NoFilter and Hostelling International are committed to expanding this partnership further in the near future. This commitment includes exploring additional collaborative features that will enrich the overall travel experience for users.
NoFilter and Hostelling International look forward to empowering users to unlock extraordinary adventures and capturing breathtaking moments as they embark on their journeys. Together, they aim to redefine the travel experience by combining the joys of discovery, photography, and the vibrant energy of Hostelling International.
NoFilter is a leading app and community for travelers and photographers to discover the best photo spots around the world. By connecting users with breathtaking locations, NoFilter aims to enhance the travel experience and inspire creativity through photography. For more information, visit
Hostelling International
Hostelling International is the largest youth hostel network globally, comprising 61 Member Associations operating over 3,000 HI hostels across hundreds of destinations. Founded in 1932, Hostelling International provides affordable, vibrant, and sustainable accommodations, fostering cultural exchange and memorable experiences for travelers. For more information, visit
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