Triftsee Glacier

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Triftsee Glacier - Aus Trift Bridge, Switzerland
Triftsee Glacier - Aus Trift Bridge, Switzerland
Triftsee Glacier
📍 Aus Trift Bridge, Switzerland
Triftsee Glacier, in Innertkirchen, Switzerland is the largest glacier in the canton of Bern. It is situated in a high mountain valley in the area of Trift, and is known for its picturesque backdrop, shimmering waters and spectacular Alpine views. With its banks of snow and ice, this glacier is a great place for hikers, photographers and nature lovers. The lake is surrounded by trees, alpine meadows and mountains and visitors can enjoy nature and the diverse flora and fauna in the area. The trail leading to the lake is quite steep and the distance starts at seven kilometers. Visitors can also go kayaking and canoeing in the lake and enjoy the reflections of the sun on the surface of the water. This glacier is one of the most stunning spots in Switzerland!

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Triftsee Glacier seen from the center of the largest suspension bridge in Switzerland. Hike takes about an hour and half to get to the bridge.
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