Molinos de Campo de Criptana

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Molinos de Campo de Criptana - Aus Sierra de los Molinos, Spain
Molinos de Campo de Criptana - Aus Sierra de los Molinos, Spain
@cdoncel - Unsplash
Molinos de Campo de Criptana
📍 Aus Sierra de los Molinos, Spain
Molinos de Campo de Criptana and Sierra de los Molinos are located in the town of Campo de Criptana, in the province of Ciudad Real in south-west Spain. The majestic landscape of this area is dotted with windmills, each of them having been in use since the 16th century. The traditional windmills are still working and produce the typical wheat flour used for making the region’s famous Torta del Casar cheese.

Campo de Criptana is known for its remarkable cultural heritage, from its windmills to its archeological sites. The area has been designated a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve. It is home to some of the greatest natural and cultural features in Spain. It has recently become a popular tourist destination for its historic windmills and panoramic views of the surrounding landscape. These natural wonders have led to an increase of outdoor activities in the area, such as hiking and camping. The landscape is full of diverse flora and fauna, inspiring plenty of photo opportunities, as well as many undiscovered locations perfect for relaxing. Among the highlights of this area are the Molinos Reservoir, where visitors can go swimming, fishing and boating, and El Bosque del Chorrito, a forest that provides numerous options for trail and nature hikes. So if you want to explore the traditional beauty of Campo de Criptana, cancel your plans and head over!

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