House of Rubens

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House of Rubens - Aus Courtyard, Belgium
House of Rubens - Aus Courtyard, Belgium
@oamps12 - Unsplash
House of Rubens
📍 Aus Courtyard, Belgium
The House of Rubens is a museum located in a superbly restored Renaissance house in the historic centre of Antwerp, Belgium. Here you can find an expansive collection of paintings and drawings created by the great master Peter Paul Rubens, but also pieces of art by other baroque Flemish masters. It is one of the main tourist attractions in the city, as well as a highly popular destination of local people and art lovers. It consists of four distinct floors, each with its own theme. On the ground floor, you can discover the facades, chalk drawings and architectural projects of Rubens and his colleagues, providing a glimpse into the planning of their projects, many of which are still standing in Antwerp. On the upper two floors, several works by Rubens and other renaissance painters can be seen, exhibited in sumptuous galleries, with sculptures scattered across all the rooms. Be sure to check the Garden next to the House, with impressive statues from Ancient Rome, such as Hercules and the Fall of Icarus. With its masterful art and stunning architecture, the House of Rubens is a must-see in Antwerp.

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