Gunung Pulai

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Gunung Pulai - Malaysia
Gunung Pulai - Malaysia
@heiswayi_nrird - Unsplash
Gunung Pulai
📍 Malaysia
Gunung Pulai is an undulating forested mountain surrounded by lush greenery, located in Baling, Malaysia. The mountain's summit offers a 3km walkway to a picturesque view of local wildlife and vegetation. There is an affordable entry fee. Visitors can explore the tropical rainforest with canopy walkways, natural waterfalls, deep valleys, and unique wildlife. The densely forested area has quaint trails, breathtaking views, a lake in the center of the mountain, scenic footpaths, and a local waterfall. Visitors can also spot native long tail macaque monkeys, eagles, kingfishers, and a variety of bird species. The mountain also offers lush forests, which visitors may explore for butterflies and other wildlife. Numerous activities are made available for tourists, including fishing, forest exploration, guided hikes, picnics, and camping. Additionally, the trail leads to an old fishing village nearby, where visitors can learn about the local fishing industry and observe the traditional activities in the area. A must visit is Gunung Pulai's local temple, called the Noodan Mett Vihara, which provides a great spot to learn about the local religious culture.

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