Chiesa di San Pietro

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Chiesa di San Pietro - Aus Punta Secco, Italy
Chiesa di San Pietro - Aus Punta Secco, Italy
@timtrad - Unsplash
Chiesa di San Pietro
📍 Aus Punta Secco, Italy
The Church of San Pietro is located in the town of Porto Venere, a picturesque and historic town on the western Italian coast, near the Cinque Terre. San Pietro is one of the three original churches that made up the Porto Venere complex, with San Lorenzo and San Francesco also in the town. San Pietro is the most well-known church in the town and is distinctive due to its bright yellow façade and the theatrical seaward view of the Gulf of the Poets and the Mediterranean. Visitors can climb the three-tiered belltower for stunning views across town and sea. Since 1997, the church is owned by a local association and regularly hosts classical music concerts and art performances, helping create an atmosphere of warmth and creativity. The simple beauty of the structure and its location make this a must-visit destination for anyone traveling to Porto Venere.

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