Summer Palace

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Summer Palace - Des de Entrance, China
Summer Palace - Des de Entrance, China
@marcellin - Unsplash
Summer Palace
📍 Des de Entrance, China
The Summer Palace, in Haidian District, China, is a palace complex that serves as a popular tourist attraction in Beijing. It is made up of three main parts: the Garden of Virtue and Harmony, the Central Plain and the Hall of Benevolent Peace. It was originally built in 1750 to be the home of the Qing Dynasty emperors, but was later destroyed and rebuilt in 1888.

The complex is 900 acres in size and contains around 3,000 buildings, including pavilions, palaces, temples, bridges and corridors. One of its main features is Kunming Lake, which is the second largest man-made lake in China. Visitors can take boat rides around the lake or rent a bike or electric car to explore the grounds. Visitors can also explore the grounds by foot and view the various Chinese structures and gardens. Popular attractions include the Long Corridor, the Seventeen-Arched Bridge, the Hall of Benevolent Tranquility and the Marble Boat, which was constructed in 1755. The Summer Palace also hosts art displays and cultural performances, such as music and opera, during festivals. The Imperial Garden, which is the oldest existing imperial garden in China, contains colorful trees and flowers as well as ancient coins.

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