Playa del Chileno

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Playa del Chileno - Mexico
Playa del Chileno - Mexico
Playa del Chileno
📍 Mexico
Playa del Chileno beach is a paradise located in Residencial Los Tules, Mexico. A small and quiet beach, Playa del Chileno offers perfect conditions for both a peaceful or an active holiday. You can sun bathe, read or swim in its crystal clear waters. You can also spot many local species such as hermit crabs, or even see the colorful tropical fish that inhabit the nearby reef. It is definitely a great choice for snorkeling. Additionally, the beachfront commercial area offers all the commodities that tourists might need. Playa del Chileno provides fun to all ages, since there are places to have lunch or dinner, and also some interesting attractions such as a beach church. When visiting this place, do not forget your sunscreen, hat and a camera to capture once in a lifetime memories.

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