Pantheon's Columns

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Pantheon's Columns - Des de Entrance, Italy
Pantheon's Columns - Des de Entrance, Italy
@czermak_photography - Unsplash
Pantheon's Columns
📍 Des de Entrance, Italy
The Pantheon's Columns in Rome, Italy, are among the oldest and best preserved monuments in the city. Located at the eastern end of the Forum Romanum, the columns are an impressive site due to their sheer size and mass. Constructed during the reign of Emperor Domitian sometime in the early 1st-century AD, the two remaining columns were part of a larger portico that formed the entrance to the Pantheon building. Standing 25.03 meters (83 feet) high and 2.7 meters (nine feet) in diameter, the Columns are decorated with Greek-style designs, with Doric and Corinthian elements. On top of the columns, peculiar heads of oxen frame the commemorative inscriptions, considered examples of "imperial eagles" that were typical of the period. The Pantheon's Columns offer a remarkable insight into early Roman architecture and are a must see for anyone visiting Rome.

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