Orrido di Bellano

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Orrido di Bellano - Italy
Orrido di Bellano - Italy
Orrido di Bellano
📍 Italy
The Orrido di Bellano is an amazing natural wonder located in the small town of Bellano, Italy. It is a geological formation created by a powerful river, the Varrone, that eroded limestone and created a deep chasm with vertical walls. The Orrido is a popular destination for hikers, birdwatchers and nature lovers. Visitors can descend the steep staircases into the deep canyon and observe the towering walls and get a feel for the power of the rapids which first caused its formation. There are also beautiful rock formations at the bottom of the chasm. Visitors can take either the flat tracks of the surrounding countryside on the Sentiero Del Viandante, or the trails of the Orrido on the 'Path of the Pian di Spagna'. For stunning views of the Orrido, take an easy stroll or drive to the nearby viewpoints at Monte San Primo.

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