Lake Fuschl

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Lake Fuschl - Des de Müllnerbach, Austria
Lake Fuschl - Des de Müllnerbach, Austria
Lake Fuschl
📍 Des de Müllnerbach, Austria
Lake Fuschl is a picturesque lake in Thalgau, Austria, located within the stunning Salzkammergut region of the Austrian Alps. This lake is known for its idyllic surroundings, providing visitors with a serene and calming atmosphere. The lake is 8.8 km long and has an average depth of around 23 meters. At its deepest point, it reaches nearly 46 meters. The lake is composed of crystal clear glacial water, making it ideal for swimming and other water activities. Visitors can also enjoy boat tours on the lake, with tour boats taking in the stunning views of the surrounding mountains. Along the shores of the lake, there are plenty of lakeside cafes and restaurants to discover, perfect for taking in the beautiful scenery over a meal or a beer. The town of Thalgau itself is a great base for exploring this region, with plenty of modern amenities and the option of visiting wonderful historical sites nearby. There is something for everyone here, and visitors will be sure to enjoy their time at Lake Fuschl.

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