Haugesund Lighthouse

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Haugesund Lighthouse - Des de Kvalen Fyr, Norway
Haugesund Lighthouse - Des de Kvalen Fyr, Norway
@uta_scholl - Unsplash
Haugesund Lighthouse
📍 Des de Kvalen Fyr, Norway
Haugesund Lighthouse stands proud at the entrance to the Haugesund harbour in Norway. Designed by Severin Aasen, the unlit structure dates back to 1864 and stands 36 meters tall. It is cast in brick and is crowned with a unique “rhomboid” roof. Haugesund Lighthouse is a symbol of the longstanding maritime tradition of the town, and can be seen from Hinna Park, a small park situated behind the Western edge of the town. From here you can observe the lighthouse, as well as many picturesque scenes of the town, including striking views across the estuary. The lighthouse is now an iconic image of the city of Haugesund.

Accessing the lighthouse, whilst possible, is discouraged for safety reasons. However, the Haugesund waterfront area provides plenty of opportunities for outstanding photography. It features a historic fish market, a wide selection of small and large boats, as well as idyllic waterfront streets and a colorful selection of new and old wooden buildings. The Haugesund ‘Bypark’, located directly east of the lighthouse, is also an excellent spot for discovering more stunning photographic opportunities.

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