Grotta di Tiberio

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Grotta di Tiberio - Des de Im Inneren, Italy
Grotta di Tiberio - Des de Im Inneren, Italy
Grotta di Tiberio
📍 Des de Im Inneren, Italy
The Grotta di Tiberio (Tiberius' Cave) is an ancient and mysterious grotto located in Sperlonga, Italy. It was once believed to have been used by Roman Emperor Tiberius as a hideaway, hence its name. Nowadays, the grotta has become a popular tourist attraction in Sperlonga.

The grotto overlooks a beautiful stretch of the Tyrrhenian Sea and offers stunning views of the beach, the nearby town, and the rocky cliffs. Inside, visitors will find two main chambers, connected by an archway, carved out of the mountain's rockface. The ceilings and walls, covered in calcite and stunning limestone concretions, are truly a sight to behold. The whole grotto is illuminated and can be visited with a guide. This incredible and mysterious place has been a source of inspiration for many tourists and artists who come here to take in its beauty. Although the Grotta di Tiberio is most visually stunning during sunset, there's always something interesting to be seen and captured here.

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