Eisenhower Executive Office

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Eisenhower Executive Office - United States
Eisenhower Executive Office - United States
@logan_easterling - Unsplash
Eisenhower Executive Office
📍 United States
The Eisenhower Executive Office Building is a historic building located in the White House Complex in Washington, United States. Built in 1888, it has been the office of every U.S. president since Herbert Hoover. It was originally designed as a freestanding executive office building to house cabinet members and other staff. Spaces within the building include Eisenhower’s Oval Office, the White House Cabinet Room, the Indian Treaty Room and the Chief of Staff Office. The building also houses a number of museums, including the National Lampoon Memorial Library, which contains memorabilia from the DC Comics universe. The building is free to visitors and it provides interesting insights into the history of the United States. There are some interesting artifacts to be seen, photos of old moments and history of the building. Visitors can use their own imagination to interpret the mysteries of the building.

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