Château de Chambord

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Château de Chambord - Des de Inside, France
Château de Chambord - Des de Inside, France
Château de Chambord
📍 Des de Inside, France
Château de Chambord, located in Chambord, France, is one of the most iconic châteaux (castles) in the Loire Valley. Built in 1519 - 1547, the castle served as a hunting lodge for French King François I. Château de Chambord is also a masterpiece of French Renaissance architecture - featuring over 440 rooms, 77 staircases, 1,400 fireplaces, and 72 sculpted columns. Inside the château, visitors can admire immense tapestries, intricately painted ceiling frescoes, and an impressive collection of art and furniture. Park of the castle, which is larger than the city of Paris, is perfect for strolling and admiring ponds, ornamental gardens, and numerous wild animals. From May to October, château’s terraces are filled with cheerful music concerts and theatrical performances. Photographers shouldn't miss the vast, picturesque landscapes and striking silhouette of the castle from across the lake.

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