Cattedrale e Tour Fenestrelle

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Cattedrale e Tour Fenestrelle - France
Cattedrale e Tour Fenestrelle - France
Cattedrale e Tour Fenestrelle
📍 France
The Cattedrale e Tour Fenestrelle in Uzès, France, provides visitors with a unique insight into the region's medieval history. The building consists of two parts, a Romanesque cathedral, and a defensive tower dating from the 12th Century. The Cathedral, dedicated to St. Théodorit, is an impressive edifice with highly decorative details, and it is thought to have been built between the 12th and 15th centuries. The tower provides an exceptional view of the town and its surroundings. Also, inside the Cathedral, visitors can observe the astonishing display of frescoes depicting the life of Jesus and the stories of the saints, as well as the saints statues, which were added in the late 16th century. Both the cathedral and the tower are unmistakably works of art and amount to a remarkable monument from a bygone era. Visiting them is a great way to explore and appreciate the stunning history of Uzès.

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