Adershpach - Teplice Rocks

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Adershpach - Teplice Rocks - Czechia
Adershpach - Teplice Rocks - Czechia
Adershpach - Teplice Rocks
馃搷 Czechia
Adershpach-Teplice Rocks is a natural sandstone rock formations and a protected national monument in the Czech Republic. This formations are made out of sandstone, towers and walls that mark the Teplice-Adershpach sandstone plateau. The site is filled with numerous natural caves, which are home to many wild animals living in an untouched environment. The most interesting sights to behold here include the magic and horror of Drachenfels, the sandstone cliffs of Hromovlas, the peaks of Teplicky and Velky, the deep canyon of Tyss and the many gorges and ravines of the National Park. Hikers and travellers will enjoy their visits here, there are many trails and cycle paths that offer stunning views of the area. Many tourist attractions can be found in the area, ranging from the historical town of Aderspach to the beautiful hunting lodges of Prameny. The nature here is breathtaking, picturesque forests scattered with calm, crystal clear rivers, making it the perfect destination for rest, relaxation and exploration of the untamed beauty of the Czech Republic.

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